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My name is Surya Shanmugaselvam, a high school sophomore at J.R. Tucker High School interested in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. I am fascinated by the continual progressiveness of technological advancements throughout the years which include IoT (Internet of Things) devices as well as Deep and Machine Learning coupled with Artificial Intelligence. I am also intrigued by the growth of our aerospace industry from Earth to deep space.

I have developed an interest in aeronautical engineering and space exploration through the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and NASA. Through these programs, I have gotten hands-on experience in mission design as well as the physics necessary to make large-scale missions possible. This summer, I took part in Virginia Space Coast Scholars where I worked with a group of passionate and ambitious students with similar ideologies and visions in order to develop an expendable rocket mission to the moon. I was able to now only work as a team but also gather knowledge from others while giving assistance as well. Overall, I developed the soft skills necessary to work in a professional environment.

I have also developed experience with computer programming as I learned JavaScript development including Angular 2+, Typescript, and Node.js. I have developed a working knowledge of object-oriented programming languages such as Java and Python from which I wish to develop APIs, deep learning and machine learning programs as well as Artificial Intelligence programs to solve large-scale issues in our community.

Aside from computer programming, I am very enthusiastic when it comes to speech and debate since I have participated in a variety of speech tournaments such as Optimist International and the Virginia High School League. I was a proud recipient of the Optimist Club scholarship in 2017 in which I delivered a speech about the "Power of Optimism".

Leadership Positions & Experiences

National Science and Research Director at the Tomorrow Project Regional Organizer at Virginia Youth Climate Cooperative President of J.R. Tucker Computer Science National Honors Society Co-President of J.R. Tucker Environmental Awareness Club recently affiliated with Sunrise Movement Captain of J.R. Tucker Varsity Speech Team Representative at Student Democrats League 46 Incubator League

Extracuriccular Experiences

Research Fellow with Dr. Thang Dinh at VCU Summer Intern at Anton Paar Selected Participant at Virginia Space Grant Consortium's VASTS Program Student Research & Competitor at State and National Science Fairs Competitor at Varsity Virginia High School League Speech Tournaments Presenter at RVA Tech Talk Conference & Talk Series Podcast, Video, and Blog Contributor (Environmental and Societal Topis) - NuoVision podcast & Medium Blog Representative at Student Democrats League 46 Incubator League

Volunteer Experiences

Field Organizing Fellow with Virginia and Michigan Democrats Canvassing Volunteer with Local Grassroots Campaigns Teaching Volunteer at CodeVA Volunteer at Capital One Coders